The message of the President of ANI

Dear citizens of the Republic of Moldova,

I would like to thank you for taking interest in the activity of the National Integrity Authority and for choosing to be informed from an official source - our website.

Since becoming President of the Authority, I have set out to reform this institution and create a friendly, dynamic and transparent environment. We started by attracting and integrating young people into the structure of the institution. Young specialists have always demonstrated professional skills, new development visions and commendable initiatives. I managed to form a strong and professional team with which I wanted to provide a clear and functional model of activity.

On this official page, we offer you an interactive opportunity to keep up with the work of our Authority. You can view the latest news and detailed information in the field of declaring assets and complying with the legal regime of conflicts of interest, incompatibilities and restrictions. You can also consult the guides in video format, to comprehend how to organize the implementation of the procedure of filing declarations and filing declarations in legal terms, as well as resolving states of incompatibility and conflicts of interest.

One of our objectives is to guide and train all the involved actors in order to make them responsible for the aspect of completing correctly the declarations of assets and personal interests and submitting of those in legal terms.

In accordance with this principle, we considered it appropriate to simplify and facilitate the access of the subjects concerned to the procedure for submitting the declarations, making available to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova the “e-Integrity” Informational System. This system, launched in 2018, allows all those concerned to submit declarations of assets and personal interests in electronic format, in a secure and fast way. Thus, people who have an internet connection could look into any declaration of assets and personal interests of the subjects of the declaration in our country.

The National Integrity Authority has a mission that is not at all easy, but not impossible. I rely on the support and active involvement of internal institutional actors, civil society, media representatives and development partners to counter the phenomena of corruption in our country.

I call on everyone to be fair, honest and be an example to those around you.


Yours sincerely,